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P38 Remote, Keys & Locks

The original Flip-Key Remotes

Flip-Key Remotes

If you have a working flip-key remote that needs a new case, LAB can replace it for you.

If your flip-key remote isn’t working, LAB can repair many of them and, if needed, put it in a new case.

We also offer new mechanical key blanks. To get them cut, contact your local Land Rover dealer for information on their preferred locksmith.

We have new and used remotes that can be programmed into your BECM if necessary.

Replacement Remote Options

LAB can provide lollipop-style remotes with pre-cut mechanical keys.

To get the fob code, you can use a working remote and identify its remote number (1, 2, 3, or 4). LAB can program a lollipop remote as one of the other four numbered remotes.

If you have a non-working remote, it might be repairable, and we can program a lollipop remote to give you multiple remotes.

If no remotes are available, we can obtain the fob code from the BECM and program lollipop remotes accordingly.

Driver’s Door Locks

Lost Your Keys? If you’ve lost your keys, don’t worry. We can recover the key coding and cut new mechanical keys, but this can only be done from the driver’s door lock.

Door Locks Reconditioned: We can clean and lubricate driver’s door locks to remove corrosion, and in many cases, correct minor damage.

Door Locks Recoded: If you need new or replacement door locks, we can recode them to match the original mechanical key code.

Ignition Locks

For new or replacement ignition locks, we can recode them to match the original mechanical key code. Please note that you’ll need a working key to remove an ignition lock from the steering column, as it must be turned to the accessory I position for removal. If you don’t have a key, we can carefully drill out the original ignition lock and replace it with one coded to the door mechanical key.

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