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Door Latches

Reconditioning of Door Latch Electrics’

You remove your latch and send it to me and I recondition the electrics inside. If for some reason (usually physically damaged or altered) yours cannot be reconditioned then a new one will be required. As I have no parts for them I cannot repair damaged latches.

Failures: Most door latches fail due to their microswitches becoming intermittent. This can be observed with the doors locking and unlocking by themselves, or the other doors not locking/unlocking when using the key, other problems are the EKA code cannot be input; also a ‘door open’ is registered when the door is closed or the interior light will not illuminate with the door open. A very few have lock/unlock motor failures.

Reconditioning: All microswitches are replaced, Lock/unlock motors are inspected and tested – if worn or not working – they will be replaced. Super lock motors are not tested or inspected, as I discourage their use. I have had several fail and a failure in the super lock position means the door latch may have to be smashed to allow the door to be opened. (See below for instructions)

Door Latches for RHD P38s shown

Right Hand Front (Drivers) Door latches pictures below
Left Hand Front (Passengers) Door latches are mirror images
LHD latches look similar but have different innards.

ALR6952 RH
ALR6953 LH
From beginning
To VA351307

This latch is the first style with both the 6-way and 1-way connector molded into the housing.

ASR2458 RH
ASR2459 LH
FQJ102780 RH
FQJ102790 LH
FQJ103220 RH
FQJ103230 LH

From VA351308 To XA428521

This latch is the middle style with the 6-way and 1-way connector at the end of a short wiring loom.

FQJ103260 RH
FQJ103270 LH

From XA428522
To Runout

This latch is the final style with an 8-way connector at the end of a short wiring loom (only 7 pins are used)

Cost for a new B or C style right side driver’s front door latch – AU$600.00. I do not stock new latches for the other doors but may have reconditioned ones (see above). All dispatch/returns are by express post in Australia and are included in the price. Dispatch/returns overseas are by customer’s selection – your selected courier or Australia Post – Medium size satchel up to 1kg –

As you can see from the photos there are three different models of latches. Please remove the door trim, peel back the protective sheet, and physically check the latch and connectors as some may have been replaced previously, and the connectors modified or eliminated (wires soldered together etc). If the connectors have been changed or the wires soldered please remove the failed door latch and send it to me for reconditioning of the electricals, as no exchange is possible.

I am asking you to remove and send me your failed door latch. Upon receipt I will test and assess your latch and if deemed repairable I will dispatch a reconditioned latch to you. If your latch has been altered but reconditionable it will have to be reconditioned and returned.

The door cannot be opened (Latch jammed) – First way to try is to thump the outside of the door edge (where the door metal is thickest and at the height where the latch is located behind) with a rubber mallet covered in several layers of cloth while simultaneously unlocking (by turning the key or pressing the unlock button on the remote). The other is to forcibly open a front door by smashing into the top of the door latch, removing the spring, and manually operating the latching arm. (For instructions – see at end of below) After you have opened the door please remove and send me the damaged door latch and spring etc, as I would like to see if I could resurrect it back into a working condition for you.

Remove door trim

Remove Latch

Latch removal 2

Door latch will not release

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Express Dispatch – When both the order and it’s PayPal payment receipt are received before 3.30 pm, and I am in the office to process and pack the order, I will endeavour to get to the Post Office the same day.