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    P38 Remotes, and Keys

    The original Flip-Key Remotes

    Do you have a working flip-key remote that requires a new case?
    LAB can replace your old case with a new one.

    Do you have a non-working flip-key remote?
    LAB can repair many (but not yet all) of these remotes and
    if required fit it into a new case.

    New mechanical keys cut to the original as LAB has key blanks.

    New mechanical keys cut to the key coding.

    Need a replacement remote?

    LAB can supply lollipop type remotes with mechanical keys cut.

    The fob code can be obtained from a working remote along with which remote number it is (1,2,3,or 4) and a lollipop remote programmed as one of the other four numbered remotes.

    A non-working remote may be repairable and a lollipop programmed so that you can have two (or more) remotes. If no remotes are available then the fob code will have to be obtained from the BECM and a lollipop(s) programmed.

    P38 Locks

    Driver's door locks

    Lost your keys? The key coding can be recovered and new mechanical keys cut but only from the driver's door lock.

    Door locks reconditioned:
    Driver's door locks cleaned of corrosion and lubricated.
    Minor damage can usually be corrected.

    Door locks recoded:
    New or replacement door locks can be recoded to the original
    mechanical key code coding

    Ignition locks

    Lost your keys? New or replacement ignition locks can be recoded to the original mechanical
    key coding. However a working key is required to remove an ignition lock from the steering column, as the key has to be turned to the accessory I position for removal of the lock assembly. If no key is available the original ignition lock will have to be carefully drilled out and replaced with an ignition lock that is coded to the door mechanical key.

    Removing a door lock and handle

    Remove inner door trim

    Remove door trim





    Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder