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  • Aerial (or Sand Flag) Bracket A

    Aerial (or Sand Flag) Bracket A

    Mount a light or medium weight aerial on either or both sides of a Range Rover Sport, Discovery 3 or 4 using existing bolts.
    Aerial brackets are laser cut from 3mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

  • BECM Programming

    BECM Programming

    BECM re-programming.
    Locked or in alarm, supply and
    program new remotes, get
    EKA code or change functions.

  • Busta4.2


    When a trailer is not recognised by the towing vehicle or when the trailers LEDs are pulsing constantly it should not be used

  • Data Connector

    Data Connector

    Damaged Data Connector?
    Has a corroded or damaged data connector stopped diagnostic communication?

  • Door Latches

    Door Latches

    If I have the same model in stock then you send me yours and I send you a reconditioned one. If I do not have one in stock or the standard connections have either been altered or removed you send me yours and I recondition it.

  • GEMS Re-programming

    GEMS Re-programming

    Engine immobilization problems?
    Re-program the GEMS so it no longer requires the input of a security code or fit a Mobi4

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