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  • Aerial (or Sand Flag) Bracket

    Range Rover Sport, Discovery 3 & 4

    Note: Will not fit Discovery Sport L550 or Range Rover Sport L494 due to bonnet changes. Contact me.

    Mount an aerial without making holes

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    Mount a light or medium weight aerial or sand flag on either or both sides of the bonnet using an existing bonnet bolt. Brackets are fitted to the bonnet and anything attached will not foul on the mirror or a body part with its opening and closing. Brackets are laser cut from 3mm marine grade stainless steel plate, formed into shape and fitted with a heavy-duty rub strip to help protect the vehicle’s paintwork.

    Fitting the Aerial Bracket

    Mount an aerial or sand flag on either or both sides of a Range Rover Sport, Discovery 3 or 4 using an existing bonnet bolt.

    Open the bonnet, locate and remove the forward (upper) hinge bolt on the selected side. Fit the bracket so that the top face of the plastic rub strip on the tongue is touching the bottom edge of the bonnet and tighten the bolt. Mount the aerial and run the coax cable following the windscreen washer hose and electrical wiring layout.

    Along the rear edge of the bonnet opening there is a rubber dust seal. Loosen and pull forward as much of the dust seal as required to fit the aerial coax into the gap behind. Exit the coax, from the gap, above where it will enter the hole in the firewall (see below) and route the coax over the top of the brake pipes. Refit the dust seal.

    On the driver’s side, of right hand drive vehicles, there is a hole through the double skin firewall to run cables through. Remove the large cover at the rear and look in at the firewall next to the steering linkage. You will see a black rubber grommet, up high, on the firewall just to the side of the steering linkage.

    Remove the grommet and punch a hole through the centre just large enough to fit the coax (and any other wires) through snugly. Push a scribe into the centre of the hole in the firewall and through the centre of the second hole behind that (double skin firewall) and into the carpet. Remove the driver’s side under dash panel and look up to see the point of the scribe sticking through the carpet. Cut an X with a sharp knife using the scribe point as the centre. You can now fit the grommet to the coax (and any other wires) and push your coax through to the inside. Refit the grommet to seal the hole in the firewall and add sealant around the coax (and wires) if required.